Why, yes, we can.

Booze, liquor, grog, piss; whatever you want to call it, our social lubricant of choice is a surefire ticket to good times, bad times, lost weekend times and often paying a heavy toll the next day, times.

But what to do if you don’t want to partake but still want to feel part of the occasion? To rediscover early mornings, sharpen your social skills, enjoy moments of clarity without the extra haze? What to do when you feel like actually remembering those nights to remember?


These were some of the questions that Yes You Can founder Tyler Martin asked while training for the Olympics. With his gruelling schedules and early starts, he wasn’t in the market for hangovers but still wanted to hang out.

A few years later, his pregnant partner Sophie encountered a similar problem. Why was there a lack of sophisticated alternatives to sugary sodas and bland waters when you’re off or cutting down alcohol? Together they decided to bring an idea to life, Yes You Can was born.

Whatever your reason for going alcohol-free, Yes You Can offers a way to master your morning afters, or simply find the right balance on a big night out.

Even though we’re taking the piss out of drinking, we’re not sober evangelists and we’re not here to preach. We've had our share of wild times, morning regrets and apocalyptic hangovers.

Alcohol isn't our nemesis, it just doesn’t have to be the only option on the table, at the bar, or the party.  Having our non-alcoholic drinks mistaken for the real deal is more than a nice compliment, it’s part of our mission.

Yes You Can

We spent many months refining our recipes alongside world class mixologists; capturing that slight back of throat burn; the mouth feel that hits all your tastebuds; the flavours that make you sip and savour.

Our expert food technologists and mixology team have done the hard part for you - creating each perfectly crafted multi-dimensional flavour profile... in a can! So you can leave the cocktail kit and your personal bartender at home! Because if you need or want a drink in hand, make it the best damn drink possible. And, make it so good you won’t even miss the booze.

Want to drink and drive home safely?  Yes You Can. Pregnant, breastfeeding or just staying alert? Yes You Can. Satisfy Dry July? Yes You Can. Fooling your drunk mates on the next round of drinks? Yes You Can.

Because whether you’re a sober driver, early riser, or morning exerciser, you don’t need a reason to take it easy, you just can. Enjoy your moments of clarity.

Yes You Can be your best self, whatever that means to you. It might be sober, it might be sensible, just make sure it’s spectacular.

What you want to know

Where did the name come from?

We created Yes You Can to give you a choice. A choice to enjoy those nights out with your mates, without (or even with just a little less) booze. A choice to reward yourself with your favourite drinks, without the inevitable slow start the next day. Whatever your reason to go alc free, we’ve made it easy and enjoyable, so now you just can.

Is the packaging sustainable?

We are proud to advise that the cans are made of recycled aluminium compound and our 4 pack wraps are made with recycled fibre and are recyclable. The 24 pack carton is comprised of predominantly recycled board as well!

What do they taste like?

We set about replicating the traditional flavours and profiles of the time-honoured classics you know and love, and added our own unique spin. You can expect a certain familiarity when you drink your Yes You Can, complemented with our fresh and individual interpretation to create a drink you can sip and savour on repeat.

Where is it made?

We are proud to be a 100% owned Australian company, with everything manufactured locally :) 

Do they need garnishing or can I drink straight out of the can?

Our mission was to provide a crafted world class sophisticated beverage in the convenience of a can - so as such, we created a drink that is ready-to-drink as is. We do however, like to pour over ice and garnish in our favourite glassware when we are feeling a little extra fancy :P

What is in it?

We have spent what seems like an age, across countless iterations with world leading mixologists and food technologists to create our recipes with only all-natural extracts, essences, flavours and distillates. There are absolutely no artificial flavours in the Yes You Can range!

Are they 100% alcohol free?

The Yes You Can range is categorised as non-alcoholic, which is defined as less than 0.5% ABV. Our range sits well below this benchmark and has less Alcohol by Volume than some every day grocery items, including a ripe banana!

Should my drink be 100% transparent?

Fear not! The Yes You Can Flashback, our proprietary blend of extract that helps recreate the burn/mouth feel in your Yes You Can is slightly cloudy. 

Are the drinks low calorie?

Our range of drinks sits anywhere between 60-80% less calories than the alcoholic alternative - figures we have worked really hard to achieve and are exceptionally proud of.

Can I drink it if under 18?

Legally, yes.. however our drinks are crafted to be emblematic of the alcoholic alternative. As such, we do not recommend our drinks for anyone below the respective legal drinking age of their jurisdiction.

Is it safe to drink while pregnant?

This was a big part of why we created this brand, to satisfy ours and friends cravings in pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Still, it is always best to consult your practitioner for any individual advice but being non-alcoholic, lower sugar and all natural - Yes You Can enjoy while pregnant and breastfeeding.

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