What is that satisfying warmth in the back of the throat we feel when sipping our favourite alcoholic cocktail? The subtle but sought-after sensation that is so vital in wrapping together the complexity of competing flavour profiles, completing the mouth feel we expect and love.

And why is it that this key element has been overlooked in most non-alcoholic drinks?

Well, we weren’t going to neglect this crucial factor when we were developing the Yes You Can range - no matter how difficult it was to replicate sans alcohol! (and 9 months and 17 iterations later, we can confirm, it was difficult!)

Introducing the Yes You Can Flashback™ - our proprietary blend of all natural botanical extracts that replicate the welcome warmth of drinking alcohol, minus the alcohol! We are taking back the Flashback™ - our little flash against the back of your throat is a long way from what we used to know the word to mean. Gone are the days of hanxiety about last night's events, drunk text dread and partial memory loss.

Consider it our version of Big Mac’s secret sauce, our own 11 herbs and spices - that we have laboured over, iterated, trialled and erred, before finally settling on the perfect blend. Our Flashback™ fusion will give you a little hit without the hangover!